Introducing Black Cat Rustic Revival

"It's the imperfection's that make it perfect"

At Black Cat Rustic Revival we strive to use 100% recycled timber, timber that is destined for landfill or biomass.


About Us.....

A small company with a big heart...

Black Cat Rustic Revival is a company formed in May 2018.

I make Bespoke furniture for indoor's and outdoor use to suit you.

The timber I use is all Recycled, sourced from local reclamation or timber that is destined for firewood or the latest source of heating "Biomass".

Working within the joinery trade since 1985 and recently Black Cat.. I have seen the rising cost of timber an the effects of using new wood has on the enviroment, and feel it is now more important than ever we use recycled timber wherever possible.

Most of the timber i use has had a life as Scaffolding boards,fence posts,sleepers or even logs that would otherwise be burnt or left to rot, so most of the timber has a history or even a story to tell. So when I sand, cut and assemble furniture i won't try to hide any imperfections (that other company's may try to hide) but embrace them giving my products a Rustic and Tactile look and feel.

Most of my products are sealed with an oil or a clear yacht varnish to enhance the look of the timber.

What you see on my website are examples of what I can make, to your sizes and to your design, for the home or your garden.

Thank you for spending the time to view my page.


Black Cat Rustic Revival.. 



Exceptional Products

The selection of products manufactured by Black Cat Rustic Revival are not only of the highest quality, but are also available in a variety of options to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for.


The "Scaffold Table" can be made to any size, with a table top made from reclaimed scaffolding planks to a design to suit you, from something simple to give that industrial look or something a little more ornate to get the classic table top look with a industrial twist.

Top Seller

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These products were made for a customer in Manchester, who i'm sure you will agree has a great eye for design, bringing the industrial together with a modern look to create a stylish apartment.

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Our products are top of the line. Contact us to learn more.

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